Legacy Society

 "Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you a Fortune" ~ Jim Rohn

       This is the reason we have started the program called, Legacy Society. Where individuals who strive for greatness may come & learn how to achieve their goals quicker, by shaving off crucial years from their journey to success.

       The human brain is developed with 100 billion neuro cells built to perform like no other. We are the only living beings that can observe, understand, process, and react to the full extent. Meaning, if we see, hear, or read about an individual placing their hand upon a hot stove. We understand that he/she got burnt, & know not to follow their mistake without physically going through the process (Tai Lopez)

       By studying people who have already went through the process of establishing a healthy balance of family, exploring, & financial freedom lifestyles, we can learn the up's and down's of doing specific actions without wasting precious years of our lifetime figuring them out ourselves. These important individuals are called, Mentors. One of my biggest & well known mentors is Tai Lopez. Most of my recent ideas were sprung from this man's influence. Still in progress, Tai is slowly re-wiring my brain to become adjusted to the "wealthy mindset". By joining the Legacy Society, you too will have the necessary materials needed to transform your brain and ultimately your lifestyle.

       One of the biggest setbacks people have when it comes to financial freedom, is their mindset. The average individual's brain is wired differently than the wealthy's. Now lets put this into perspective with Tai's example:

If we take a group of 7 first-generation multi-millionaires, strip them of everything as in their homes, cars, bank accounts, etc; place them in a city with nothing but the clothes on their back. When we check up on them in 5 years later, they will be back at the millionaire stage, if not, they wont be to far off. 

Now lets take a group of 7 hard working average individuals, give them 5 million dollars to spend or invest whichever way they choose. When we check up on them 5 years later, high chances are they already blew through the majority of their assets. 

       This all has to do with the different mindset's the two general types of people acquired over their years. Thinking long term, marathon running over short term, sprints. This is the beauty of wisdom, it doesn't matter where you come from, what age/gender you are, occupational level, everyone has the opportunity to rise. But it's up to you to want it bad enough, better yet, to deserve it.

This Legacy Society program will teach you how to overcome your "inner" challenges, create opportunities, re-wire your brain, deserve the life you dreamed of, & most importantly learning how to become a learner, all from the teachings or influences of Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Assaraf, Anthony Morrison, Knowledge Society, and Dr. Evian Gordon.

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"The best investment one can make is within themselves" ~ Warren Buffet

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