Consultation Subscriptions

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Our consulting services specializes in the following categories :

  • Starting a Company
  • Buying/Selling Stocks
  • Understand & Manage Cryptocurrency
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Employee Management
  • Setting & Reaching Goals
  • Saving Money
  • Becoming more productive

        Your satisfaction is worth diamonds & gold!

Unlimited Questions - Get your business related & investment questions answered in a timely manner. Usually within 10 hours, depending on difficulty time may vary but our clients always received their response within 24 hours. You may ask unlimited questions as long as you are subscribed. This is our bronze standard package costing $4.99 per month with no setup cost or additional fees. Mr. Manago vows that all responds will be carefully thought out and answered to the best of his abilities.
Mentor Package - Get assistance with one-on-one coaching in achieving your goal. Weather it's starting your company or setting up your brokerage account. We will see it through with you side by side, step by step. We will be your personal guidance partner insuring satisfaction is met daily for as long as you are a subscribed member. Our aim is to provide you with quality information and guidance. You will also receive priority over the "Unlimited Questions" subscribers. This is our most popular package costing $9.99 per month + one-time setup fee of $199.99. This package will assure you have successfully accomplished your goals day in and day out, thats if you are willing to work hard and build. Remember, nothing in life worth having comes easy.
Consigliere Package - Get the full Mentor package benefits plus additional Social Media Marketing advice & Exclusive VIP priority benefits over all other subscribers. This is our gold standard package costing $19.99 per month + one-time setup fee of $299.99. This package includes everything we have to offer.
        Each subscription leads directly to working with our CEO, Micah Manago. He has spent the last 4 years at Washington State University obtaining his Entrepreneurship Bachelors Degree. He has spent over $10,000 in paid programs & mentorships dealing with self-awareness and self education. Motivational non-fiction books pertaining to business fascinates Mr. Manago as he aspires to read them daily. He enjoys learning and is excited to share his powerful knowledge base with you as soon as you begin working together.
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