About us

Our Mission:

Helping clients reach success in our four pillars of life: Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness. Building relationships of trust by putting our legacy before our currency.

Our Vision:

Become the preferred consultant agency for small businesses and the early entrepreneurial mindsets.

Our Logo:

The double L's wrapped into an everlasting infinity sign stands for LUCA LEGACY. L.U.C.A. is an acronym for Legacy Upon Currency Alliance. Meaning a community of people who places their legacy before their currency in terms of priorities. Our logo reminds people to focus on the marathon, their end game in life. Cutting no corners nor burning bridges to accumulate self wealth.

I'm Micah Manago, the owner of LUCA LEGACY™
attending Washington State University pursuing my masters in Business, Entrepreneurship.
I started this consultant agency for two reasons, to remind individuals that their legacy is far more important than their currency.
I enjoy helping small businesses and individuals prepare for their financial future and lifestyles without burning through relationships.
Simultaneously building their legacy and bank accounts, doing one at a time will not reap the benefits of true happiness.
Secondly, to share the secrete of living in success through the four pillars of life. Success is not measured by a number or by a status.
Success is tailored to the life of the individual, which makes success have 7.7 billion definitions. However, within each definition
there is always four things present. They are Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. These are the key ingredients to living in success.
Many people in today’s world have lost sight of the true value of life, which is your Family & Friends. With many obstacles and distractions
like occupations, schooling, the desire to obtain as much money as possible, we begin to fade further and further away from the most
important aspect of life.
Everyday whether you like it or not, your legacy is being written. From minuscule to immense choices, our actions define who we are
and the type of stories that will outlive us. I encourage you to take a step back and evaluate your priority list.
Providing for your family is one thing, but not spending quality time together is another.
“It’s not about how many digits sit in your bank account; It’s about how many people sit at your funeral”